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We provide a range of services to deliver excellence in the field of climate change & sustainability. Our services are categorised into six main segments with related scopes outlined:

Consulting Services

We provide Consulting & Advisory support to GHG projects under various climate change mitigation programs. Such Programs/Standards include CDM, VERRA, GCC, GS......

Green Investments

We bring investments to support green initiatives that can help combating climate change and bring sustainable developments in long run. Carbon Financing is o......

Emission Trading

We provide value added services in transactions/trading of environmental attributes. We deal in high quality sustainable carbon credits both for sellers and b......

SDG Assessment

Our expertise in community projects also helps us assisting clients in implementing various Sustainable Development Indicators. We assist organizations to ach......

Sustainability Services

Achieving sustainability is important in every business. With the increase in more awareness on sustainable development across different strata of business pr......

Allied Services Desk

As a part of our increasing services, we have also developed a service desk for various connected/associated services of our core domain, viz. climate & susta......

Project Highlights

We all know Climate Change is real; impacts are inevitable and are alarming with each passing day !! So we are dedicated towards working on real-time projects that can stabilize greenhouse gas levels in a timeframe sufficient to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally and reduce the pace of adverse impacts. Our services are, therefore designed to support emission containment targets that can build climate resilience for communities while greening the Earth’s inhabitants. Some of our key projects/programs are sited below:

SDG Contributions

FCF India strongly believes that Sustainable Development is one of the essential ingredients while address the challenges of Climate Change. For us, Sustainable Development is best achieved when business practices are holistically aligned with the global policies and platforms that enable mitigation and adaptation measures of climate change. Therefore, our efforts are best oriented towards a range of projects and programs that are strongly bonded with communities and vulnerable segments of the environment, can help investors and developers achieve a long term sustainability and great vision. Some of the key SDG indicators which are attached in most of our projects/programs are presented below:

Good Health & Well-being

Good Health & Well-being

Our community projects are directly associated with SDG-3 ensuring health & well-being for the beneficiaries. ......

Climate Action

Climate Action

Our projects are contributing to SDG 13, reducing GHG emissions and ensuring climate sustainability.

Zero Hunger

Zero Hunger

Our projects are contributing to SDG 2, End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. ......

Recent Blogs

We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and information for a progressive and effective growth. At FCF India, we thrive to achieve progressive growth through sharing of knowledge and information across our areas of working. We try to present relevant information and latest development in the market places through our blogs.

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Understanding the Importance of Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

In recent years, the global community has......

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Our experience with Clean Cookstove projects

The technological innovation in this use case is defined within the framework of ‘cooking as a business.’ FCF has been engaged in installation of improved ......

Way to Neutrality

Way to Neutrality

Becoming Neutral, here I meant ‘Carbon Neutral’, is a responsibility rather than a challenge for any corporate, industry and individuals. We often tend to ......

Blockchain-backed monitoring solutions for carbon projects

Blockchain-backed monitoring solutions for carbon projects

Blockchain is a new edge technology that ticks many aspects of monitoring. First of all, they make monitoring safe and reliable. Transactions between netwo......

Be a Climate Volunteer with us

If you are willing to participate in positive climate actions and be a part of change, feel free to join hands with us and be a Climate Volunteer!