About Us



FCF India is leading global efforts to deliver climate solutions to be FAIR INCLUSIVE AND TRANSPARENT. We partner with all stakeholders from small holder farmer communities to world’s leading businesses to deliver high quality carbon projects that focusses on impact.
Driven by passion and commitment we are a team with high expertise in carbon markets. We are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of ground realities of small holder farmers across Asia and Africa. We believe in the strength and resilience of our planet and in human beings.

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What We Do

We develop high quality Carbon Projects with high priority to Nature Based Solutions. We also build bridges between corporate clients who want to pursue Net Zero targets and the small holder farming community who generate Carbon credits We inspire and empower corporates to achieve their Net Zero targets.
We focus on Fair principles, Inclusivity at all levels and a Transparent process where all stakeholders are aware and informed.

Our Mission

Build climate resilience for smallholder farmers
Inspire and empower businesses to take responsibility for the climate action

Why work with us

• We are committed to deliver FAIR sharing carbon revenue to smallholder farmers
• We acknowledge the ownership of all stakeholder and make it INCLUSIVE while designing carbon programs
• We are connected to end buyers and farmers at the same time and bring full TRANSPARENCY into the carbon value chain
• We have a tech platform that diligently and precisely monitors Each land parcel data providing accurate reporting
• Working for the last 15 years and well versed all Carbon Standards – we are industry veterans in the Carbon Market
• Skilled, enthusiastic experienced and fun team so this will be a fun ride for sure. So let's get started :)